Terms and Conditions of Use

The following Terms and Conditions of Use apply to the website Blog's Berry and define the rules that apply to it. By using Blog's Berry, you accept these Terms of Use. These rules may change from time to time, and it is your responsibility to periodically check these rules for changes.

Access to the site is allowed to any visitor wishing to search for Blogs or Articles, or simply wishing to view the site. On the other hand, Anthony Khelil, creator and developer of the site, reserves the right at any time to ban, temporarily or permanently, any user or group of users, without prior warning or reason, and in particular in the event of suspicion of non-compliance with the General Conditions of Use.

Blog's Berry is a site for sharing Blogs and Articles written by many enthusiasts. To implement sharing, Blog's Berry and Article search tools are set up, and allow visitors to search on keywords. Our algorithm will be based on these keywords, and will retrieve previously registered Blogs and Articles, and display them to the visitor as a list. As this information has been recorded by persons external to the site, Blog's Berry disclaims all responsibility for any information that may be found there. In the same way, as the links of the Blogs and complete Articles are hosted by these same external persons, it is their responsibility to ensure the content present through these links.

As the platform has been developed to allow users to carry out brief searches and navigate between the different pages of the site, only direct users can use the site using their browser. Any use of a robot, program, algorithm, or any other method to automate the use of the site is strictly prohibited.

Finally, please note that all the content hosted on Blog's Berry belongs to Anthony Khelil, and that it is therefore strictly forbidden to reuse it in any way whatsoever. We would also like to thank the sites Pexels and PixaBay for providing us with some images of the site, FreePik for the icons used, as well as Julien Guillo for the realization of the Blog's Berry logo

Cookie Usage

The Blog's Berry website uses cookies for statistical purposes and to optimize your experience. When you load a page, several cookies are deposited on your browser, including a User ID. This User Identifier is a unique and random number, which makes it possible to anonymise the statistics collected. This identifier is strictly personal, is renewed periodically, and is exclusive to Blog's Berry, and its use is detailed in the section Privacy Policy below. Finally, please note that by using Blog's Berry, you consent to the use of cookies on your browser.

Commitment of Confidentiality

As a Web player, Blog's Berry is used by a large number of users, who entrust us with personal information such as their email address. Our philosophy is that this personal information represents the trust you place in us, and we are committed to doing everything we can to protect it. To do so, we use a User ID system stored via a cookie. When you first load Blog's Berry, a UserID cookie is created and initialized to a random and secure value. Then, on each page you load, the value of this cookie is used as your UserID, and allows you to track the different pages you have loaded. But the particularity of this system is that no person or technology in the world can make the link between this User ID and you. The data saved on Blog's Berry is therefore completely anonymous. The Language is a cookie whose sole purpose is to remember the last language loaded.


By sharing your Blogs and Articles worldwide via Blog's Berry, you benefit from the visibility and notoriety of our platform, so that you can be known by more and more people. However, you can do the same for Blog's Berry, and talk about us on your Blogs and Articles. This is a great way to thank us, and you could even get the status of Blog's Berry Partner, so that you can be highlighted in searches. If you are interested, you can contact us to see how your Blog and Blog's Berry can work together.

Contact Us

Blog's Berry is a platform designed by and for bloggers, and we place special emphasis on the feedback you can give us. If you have a suggestion, recommendation, or comment regarding the site, on any domain, (Technical, design, ...) we invite you to send them to us by email. We will answer you as soon as possible, and will do our best to take into account your precious advices during future updates of our platform.